Fedup with FM – Podcasting

Bored with your local FM station and the crowd of frivolous advertisement that scatter each show every now and then, or, if you long for motivating spoken word programs that are written plus presented by eager, conversant enthusiasts, then I guess Adam Curry’s “Daily Source Code” podcast is just what you want? 
Adam is one of the swiftly escalating groups of “podcasters”, whose shows are fashioned for iPods or other MP3 players. Previously an MTV video-jock, he is the creator of “iPodder” program. 
The best part about Podcasting is that it let the listeners to download their desired shows automatically. Everyday there are more “advertisement-free” radio channels to facilitate the listeners for subscription. 
If you set-up with a program like iPodder then you can have a sound sleep and your favorite program downloads automatically, so that you can enjoy listening to it on your way to your work next morning, or when you feel like. You are not bound to any routine. It is a real radio-on-demand.

You can easily subscribe to fabulous shows like “Coverville”, that is a music show based on purely exciting cover versions and also truly creative, “Whole Wheat Radio” from Talkeetna, Alaska. 
Real Podcast enthusiasts and intellectual techies create a number of great shows like “The Engadget Podcast” and “IT Conversations”. Though, by fusing all of the diverse topics you can get a true, custom-made audio experience that’ll come up with all you need to listen. 
Podcasting is till now in initial stages but after 12 months you will see a rapid growth in this exceptional field. This fresh new field is a true example of a cutting edge technology that purely could not have imagined to be existed even 2 years ago. And for sure you can play a very significant role in the progress of this innovative and thrilling intermediate.