Podcasting Article: The Saga

So, I think I did as much reporting for a pair of podcasting stories in this week’s magazine as for a cover.and the other is on corporations using podcasts to build community

Ok, I exaggerate. But when I first started working, I planned to do a broad story about how media companies were jumping in, along with VCs and indies, and just basically outline some of the content they’re putting out and twin that with a little on how people who are interested in making money on podcasting are approaching that. So, a round of calls for a broad story for people who don’t follow podcasting very closely—i.e. 95% of the world.

When we pitched the story, my editor said, hey could you do something on what corporations are doing, like AFLAC or Purina? And I said sure and promptly went out and did more reporting.

And then, one Monday morning just when I was finishing up my main story, the Wall Street Journal came out with an A1 story on mainstream media and their podcasts. It was back to more reporting, because we needed to focus the story more narrowly on just the business model idea–with a focus on indies. Which is what we have here.

To be clear, this is a narrow take on podcasting. It’s not about the majority of people who don’t care about making money, who are doing this because they love the freedom. I am with Rob Walch at podCast411, who believes that over 80% of podcasters will never break even and only a small group, 2% to 3% will ever make money.