PodCasting 101: “Everything you Need to Know to Get Started”

“Podcast” or “Podcasting” is what you see whenever you trun online nowadays. Certainly not, though it may sound like broadcasting method used by Martians, it’s quite different from it. A simple definition of Podcast is that it is an audio file which is syndicated via an RSS feed. Everyone can download this file and listen to with their computer or a portable device like an iPod. 
The audio component built-in the makes it different from any other standard RSS feed.  “enclosure field.” You can take it as a feed that talks to you. 
Podcasting is gaining fame. Forrester Research, by 2010 podcasting should attract almost 12.3 million listeners. The audience is pretty big. 
Just like a radio show, podcasts can also be in the format of an interview. Topics can vary from business to hobbies or even it could be rants and obsessions. Duration of a show can vary, but a standard podcast will be more or less will be from 10 to 30 minutes. Though I have seen some longer ones too. I have noticed that music podcasts are not many due to the price of music licensing and red tape, even though musicians and/or small record labels avoid that issue by developing their own recordings. 
If you think you require some unique device to listen to a podcast, then let tell you you don’t. RSS readers mostly possess the potential built in to play podcasts. Any software capable of playing a sound file can run a podcast. Well if you desire to take them with you to listen to when you are on the road then you’ll wish to spend in a portable MP3 device like an iPod. 
Similar to other RSS feeds, you can choose which ones you are to subscribe to and you can also unsubscribe at any time.
Podcasting can be really useful for online business owners as it can work as an additional aid for promoting their products and services. Podcasting is another simple, inexpensive technique of syndicating your audio files online besides an ezine or the RSS feeds. You’ll realize that a pod cast is even more personal. As a substitute to reading like an ezine people can listen to your voice and that provides a more personal bond. 
Now as you have the basic information about it, you might be still thinking “How do I create a podcast?” Hmmm! it’s really quite easy if you follow the simple steps mentioned below: 
1) First of all you’ll require software to record your own audio file. 
Besides this you also need to download the Lame MP3 Encoder that will enable you the MP3 exportation.
2) After your audio is recorded you have to create an RSS feed file that is a simple special text file with an RSS extension which also involves a particular enclosure tag. To get a step by step instructions on making a feed file view this site:
3) Once you are done with your audio and RSS files then you have to upload both of them to your server/website. If you need more details there are few more sites to guide you. 

Suppose you are not interested in doing all the manual procedure then go for the software tools specific to podcast creation. 

Pod Producer http://tinyurl.com/9dwrh
Yup, that was it! I told you, it is simple! Don’t forget, you will not get subscribers if public have no idea about your feed, so be sure that you add your feed in a prominent place in your site. Of course you would like it easy for the users to subscribe and add your feed to their news reader.
Mostly audio files are large and may take up a lot of space on your server, so keep in mind that you won’t run out of bandwidth.
If you’re running out of space you can always shift it to a third party service .They’ll provide you 150 MB of storage space with limitless bandwidth for as low as $ 5.00. 
If you are interested in something like a smash hit at your expance and are really in to making big money from your podcast They supply you a mechanism that permits you to charge for your shows plus also incorporate private access to them so that you can keep track of things like who is listening and more. The best part is you can give it a try them for only as low as one dollar for four days. 
When your podcast is live, the second thing you’ll want to list it with the assorted directories that exist particularly just for this reason. 

See now you know how simple it is to craft a podcast, so what’s the delay? Just a tip, this can prove a success key to your marketing mix and if you’re more on the creative side this can be milestone. Just go ahead, be innovative, try and before you notice you can be an expert podcaster.