What is Podcasting

Podcasting is rapidly becoming a catchword among the techie crowd. So now it’s time that everyone should know what Podcasting actually is? It is online audio content which is conveyed through an RSS feed. Most of the users compare podcasting to on demand radio. But, in fact, podcasting involves much more options regarding the content as well as programming than radio does. Additionally, podcasting can enable listeners to determine time and place that means they can choose what programming they desire to accept plus when they wish to listen to it. 
Listeners can hold audio archives to listen them at their leisure time. Similarly as blogs transformed many bloggers into journalists, podcasting has the capacity to change many podcasters into radio personalities.

Podcasting can be used for:
1. Self-Guided Walking Tours – Knowledge related content.  
2. Music – Meaning promotional clips of different bands and interviews. 
3. Talk Shows – Enables Industry or organizational news, investor news, sportscasts, news coverage and commentaries.
4. Training – Instruction oriented informational materials.
5. Story – Story telling for healthy as well as visually-impaired children.
Syndication of audio files by means of RSS is known as Podcasting. Podcasting works exactly like a typical RSS feed reader or news aggregator, the difference only lies in the feed you subscribe that includes an audio file in it. As a substitute to reading content in your RSS feed reader or aggregator, you will listen to your feed’s content via a reader or aggregator that supports podcasting. You can also listen to them on an iPod or any other similar device. Whereas podcasting was reputed for the iPod, so you don’t really have to have an iPod to listen to a podcast. Podcasts can also be exhibited on websites with clickable links along with audio files and many of the standard RSS readers as FeedDemon’s latest beta, have started supporting audio enclosures. 
An audio file which creates the feed a podcast somewhat than a standard RSS feed is enclosed in the ‘enclosure’ tag. The simplest way to get it is that of an e-mail attachment. 
Even though the “enclosure” tag is four years old to RSS feeds and has been included in the RSS v2.0 specification but podcasting has only really been there since August of 2004. 
Webmasters are always on search of inventive ways to offer media-rich content. The syndication characteristic and prospective swell in audience number are a striking entice. The fact of podcasting to publish content similar to RSS is really beneficial to listeners as ultimately you get the power to mange the information you want to see or hear.